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Our Executive Team and Mission

Ray Cline

President / Co-Founder
Ray has been in the industry for well over 25 years with community service at the core of all he does. As the president of TKW, Ray is leading the team by example and manages the relationships with its members and partners making sure that all involved understand the mission and core values of the community.

Brandon Weber

Vice President / Co-Founder
Brandon operates an MSP called TSC Information Technology (TSC.IT) out of Rochester, NY. We work with about 50 different businesses across a wide range of verticals offering full managed services, structured cabling, VOIP and camera solutions. The 4 of us came to found this community because we saw a great opportunity for collaboration between all the different skill sets in the technology space.

Pearce Smithwick

Secretary / Co-Founder
With our online community we are able to bring in technology professionals from around the world to collaborate together and share knowledge from our respective fields.

Marco Chaffiotte

Treasurer / Co-Founder
Marco is Principal of EnterpriseCC. ECC is a family-run business with over 20 years of experience specializing in low voltage services. The TKW community will aid in educating those both inside and outside its immediate industry, bringing more awareness to new technology available in the market. Together we will help one another learn and grow and as a result, elevate our industry and service standards as a whole.

Tricia Dixon

VP Operations
Tricia possesses more than 10 years of management, specifically within information technology. She works as an I.T. manager for Virtua Health in Marlton, NJ where she manages application analysts & architects and consultants. For the past three years, she has overseen three high-impact philanthropic projects for TKW.

“To bring like-minded Technology businesses & individuals together to share knowledge, teach each other by example, while making impactful changes in the community with philanthropy.”

Mission Statement


Community OVER Competition Concept

Founded in 2021 by four leaders with over 75 years collective experience in the Technology sphere, TeKnowledge World Wide (TKW) exists to inspire collaboration and networking across tech trades while utilizing member passion and expertise to enact lasting change in local communities through impactful philanthropic work.


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Coming Friday @tricia0711 wraps up the Women Appreciation Series with @algoodwin00 - they talk about @truescriptsmanagement and how their mission is similar to TKW`s and why they are a sponsor of #tekfest this year.

This was a great series! Be sure to check it out Friday when the final installment drops!

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@brachbengtzen said it best - register today! Really looking forward to @prodatakey presentation as well as the LIVE #accesscontrol


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So excited to have Bruce Wirt of @telesystemus join us as our Keynote speaker at #TEKFest in Nashville.

Bruce is an incredible speaker - his talk will be about the 4 P`s and higlighting how important #communityOVERcompetition is.

There`s so much happening at #TEKFest - Please Register your spot today!
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This week`s episode highlighting Women in Technology, Tricia Gallagher Dixon chats w/ Ashley Cooper about her growth in the technology community - her role as VP at Rewst - as well as her role with our new friends at MSPGeek.

Tricia and Ashe also dive into both #TEKFest and #MSPGeekCon - 2 events that are being held w/ in 2 weeks of eachother. Be sure to check out both events!

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