TEKFest is an annual Fundraising Trade Show and Product Showcase Event lead by TKW by partnering with key community members, suppliers, vendors and manufacturers.

The event gives everyone the opportunity to get a hands-on experience with tools, products and equipment.


Gaylord Opryland Resort & Convention Center
2800 Opryland Dr, Nashville, TN 37214
Main Show - Washington B
Breakouts - Jackson E & F


Thursday, May 2nd - 9AM to 5PM
Friday, May 3rd - 9AM to 5PM

- Cable & Connections

TEKFest is THE Annual Community Lead Product Showcase Event & Charity Tradeshow, which is less about selling and more about interactive engagement and educational experiences. As a Vendor Partner, you can present detailed aspects of your products through feature presentations, use case scenarios, instructional classes, and live demonstrations. This platform allows you to show off your products’ unique benefits and specific applications, helping attendees better understand the contexts in which they are most effective.

All while assisting the TKW Community as a whole with:

1) Raising funds and awareness for an annual Community/Charity Project to give one deserving organization a complete Network and Technology Upgrade at absolutely no cost to the recipient.

2) Strengthen relationships with Suppliers, TKW Members, and Manufacturers through engagement, exposure, and feedback to grow the community and better the products and services while elevating the industry. The money raised for this event will return to the TKW Community to help fund future events and the annual TeksGiving Community Projects.

3) TKW’s Community Projects have donated over 250k of time, labor, and materials to Pennsylvania and Maryland locations, including Complete Network Infrastructure, Access Control, Security, and Surveillance makeover at zero cost to the recipients. TKW hopes to continue this for years to come, and with your help and these events, the dream will stay alive for generations to come! Join us and be extraordinary!

4) This year, TEKFest is located at the Gaylord Opryland resort in Nashville, Tennessee, and will showcase 20 Vendors, TEKTalk LIVE Classes, Giveaways, hands-on learning, and so much more….

5) The best part? It’s 100% FREE to attend!


TEKnowledge Worldwide (TKW) was founded in 2021 by four entrepreneurial business owners from across the country and is a registered not-for-profit charity and Community-based organization headquartered in Philadelphia, PA. The TKW mission is to bring like-minded technology businesses and individuals together to share knowledge and teach each other by example while making impactful changes in the community through philanthropy.

The founding members of TKW utilize their expertise to promote the core principle of “Community Over Competition,” all while encouraging industry best practices and using the most efficient tools and materials. Furthermore, they assist and educate members of the technology community to help elevate the level of craftsmanship within the community and, thus, the industry.

TKW has grown exponentially in less than two years and has hundreds of members across North America and abroad. They include Integrators, Contractors, Installers, Manufacturers, Suppliers, and Distributors, all working together to understand the fundamental principles that lead the community. The guiding principle not only helps all parties succeed but also lends to personal growth and makes for well-rounded individuals.


TEKFest 2024 Elite Exhibitors

TEKFest 2024 Exhibitors:

TEKFest 2024 Event Sponsors

Event Schedules

TEKTalk Live Speakers

Bruce Wirt Keynote
Justin Colantonio
Chuck Bowser III, RCDD
Shana Steigerwalt

Registering for an event at #TEKFest is easy!

Open the @cvent_inc app which you were invited to when you registered.
Click the "SCHEDULE" tab
Scroll and review sessions.
Click the "+" to add to your Schedule.

Boom - you`re locked in!

Be sure to register for the sessions you wish to attend! Spots are filling fast!

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1 month away from #TEKFest - join us now FREE! Have you registered yet? We`re almost at capacity!!! Be sure to register NOW to reserve your place!

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Coming Friday @tricia0711 wraps up the Women Appreciation Series with @algoodwin00 - they talk about @truescriptsmanagement and how their mission is similar to TKW`s and why they are a sponsor of #tekfest this year.

This was a great series! Be sure to check it out Friday when the final installment drops!

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So excited to have Bruce Wirt of @telesystemus join us as our Keynote speaker at #TEKFest in Nashville.

Bruce is an incredible speaker - his talk will be about the 4 P`s and higlighting how important #communityOVERcompetition is.

There`s so much happening at #TEKFest - Please Register your spot today!
http://tekfest.org to join us ABSOLUTELY FREE!
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This week`s episode highlighting Women in Technology, Tricia Gallagher Dixon chats w/ Ashley Cooper about her growth in the technology community - her role as VP at Rewst - as well as her role with our new friends at MSPGeek.

Tricia and Ashe also dive into both #TEKFest and #MSPGeekCon - 2 events that are being held w/ in 2 weeks of eachother. Be sure to check out both events!

#lowvoltage #tektalks #tekfest #womeninbusiness #tkcommunity #communityovercompetition #TkCommunity

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Happy bday to our friend and partner @grindele.mike of @trend_networks - we`re excited to have TREND with us again at #TEKFEST in Nashville. They`re bringing the ENTIRE TREND line of products for us to play with - they`re also going to judge and certify our Rack Build Competition again.

Time to join THE Community and event of the year!

FREE - http://tekfest.org
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@brachbengtzen of @prodatakey chats with @libertasray about how excited he is to join us at #TEKFEST in Nashville. We`re thrilled that he and his team are coming out and partnering with us in our live #accesscontrol labs as well as an in depth #tektalk on their new platform.

Register now! You don`t want to miss this event! Http://Tekfest.org to secure your place!
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@tricia0711 gets some time talking with Erin from @dell about why they`re excitied about joining us at #TEKFEST in Nashville.

We can`t wait to meet the @delltech team and talk with them about their Dell Expert Network program built for MSPs!

What are you excited for? Comment EXCITED to get more information on registering for our FREE event!
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